Buzzam, a Modern Approach to Radio

Since this blog has slowly evolved into focusing more on technology and academia (and likely going to undergo a complete ‘rebranding’ in that direction), I thought I’d take a quick second to plug a really cool sounding service called Buzzam. Not only do they probably have the coolest domain name ( – I mean how many companies, other than url shorteners, have their name incorporated across the entire url?), but they also have a really unique idea. Basically, they’re taking radio broadcasts and turning them into “narrowcasts.” What does that mean? It means that you get a personalized radio stream, something kind of like Pandora, but incorporated into it are things you’d get from a regular radio station. The big difference is you get to decide what goes in with your music (or news, etc.). Here’s a few examples:

  • When you wake up you probably want to know what the weather is so Buzzam tells it to you.
  • When you’re at work you already know what the weather is, since Buzzam is location aware, so it won’t be narrowcasted.
  • Going for a jog? Well that’s probably not time for Sarah Mclachlan but Foster the People. Buzzam takes care of that.

I think there are countless possibilities for this and find the “location aware” to be most intriguing. I have no idea how all this works, but am excited to see it in action. If you’re interested, check out their site and you can sign up for a free month of premium access. Also, they’ve got a nice video of the service in action my above examples weren’t clear enough.

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