My name is Paul Franks and I teach in the philosophy department at Tyndale University College (Toronto, Canada). This is my personal blog where I basically post random thoughts that wouldn’t fit as nicely on the other blogs I contribute to. One site I contribute to is Every Thought Captive, which is the official blog of Tyndale’s philosophy department. There I mostly write on philosophical topics and the on-goings of the philosophy department. My writing for The Bayview Review tends to have more of a political focus, but not always.

Most of my philosophical interests are found in the philosophy of religion and I’ve published on the problem of evil, petitionary prayer, original sin, divine command theory, and a critique of postmodernism. If you’re interested, you find most of my work through my Academia.edu profile.

If, for some strange reason, you think you’d like to connect with me through social media you’re more than welcome to follow me on Google+ or Twitter (@WPaul).